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Add Start time to each planned service on an appointment and report on that

Because so many agencies want to use the Imm Clinic Planned Services  list to set appt for the next agency clinic, it would be extremely nice to be able to report or print those planned services by name and start time.  This would also require that an optional start time or start/end time be on the appt planned services screen.  At this point, the only way to print a clinic listing of who is coming in the next day, for instance, is to generate the services BEFORE they are done, then run a report to show Services for a certain day/cost center/services.  Or, to not use the Planned Services tab on the Scheduler but enter an “expected” service into a client’s chart when they get registered/created as a Client and then correct after the fact the ones who didn’t show, had different services and/or supplies.  Only on a service already generated can a report be run.  Doesn’t help a clinic nurse/staff/organizer know who is coming when to see how many nurses to staff up for.

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  • Aug 23 2017
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