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Allow agency setting for statements to print on letterhead, plain paper, and with or without address

ave a toggle in Agency Info that determines if user is going to use letterhead or plain paper (to keep the statements like they are now). Maybe actually 3 selections:
  • Plain paper - which prints the statement like it is today, with no changes
  • Letterhead with address - which will then not include the agency name and address information at the top of the statement
  • Letterhead without address - which will still print the agency address on the statement
There would be an additional section for statements in the Employee Info section of NN, on the Claim Margins tab.
  • Top margin - there would be a place where the top margin of the statement could be moved down significantly, to allow for logo or whatever is at the top of the agency's letterhead paper.
  • Bottom margin - could also be adjusted up, in case there is footer information on the letterhead.
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  • Aug 21 2017
  • Future consideration
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