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Make the Aide Assignment Sheet a fillable screen rather than having to print it

Would it be possible when a an Assignment is created to have an option to “create assignment document” to make an electronic form?  Could you have a standard tab then pop up in the Vitals area called something like “Aide Documentation” and within that area have that “Assignment form” be able to be picked, in a list by date range like you have for OASIS assessments?  On the Assignment option, you would need to add a date range that it applies to which may not be the full episode dates as the patient improves and assignments change before the new orders come up.   It should be something that can be entered within NN, not an external fillable PDF or similar so it is integrated into the documentation. 

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  • Aug 5 2017
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  • Cheryl Gast commented
    November 08, 2017 22:18

    It needs to be touched by multiple staff. In our Agency the Assignment sheets are created by the RN's. Then the Aides complete their portion of it when cares are provided, and the Client signs the document. We have the electronic equipment for the staff to complete all this electronically but need the electronic version of the form.