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Nursing Notes in “Episode” Section

It would be incredibly helpful to have a section under “Episodes” for nursing notes. It could be the same format as the “Verbal Orders”. It becomes burdensome to search past activities to find notes made by the nurses. We like to keep “visit specific” notes in the activity/charting, but it would be nice to have more general notes (containing PHI) to be located under the episode. It would also be nice to hover over the note and see them without opening them (same functionality as the orders).An example of this being useful, would be for discharge notes. We could keep all admissions/discharges under the same client name with the discharge notes in the final episode for the particular admission. Currently we copy our clients if they are readmitted, so we don’t lose this information or make it difficult to find. With the upcoming update to retain all admit/discharge dates for each program, I think this would be a particularly good change and in-line with the on-going updates.
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  • Jun 8 2017
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