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Create an AKA or nickname field

There is no place to put the patients preferred name when it is not their legal name. It is nice for staff to be able to call the patient what they wish to be called, but for billing purposes, we need the patients legal name. Add an ‘AKA’ field to the patient name boxes

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  • Jun 8 2017
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  • Champ Ideas commented
    August 23, 2017 03:02

    I was wondering if we could make a request to add a “nickname” section under the name and address tab under client details in NN.  If we could just make a note section just like the contact information for phone numbers next to the first name that would be great.  We need to have legal names listed as the first name for billing purposes, but a lot of the times our patients don’t go by that name.  It would be great to have a box to list the name they go by.